Frotcast 89: HOT GOSS! (Oscar Party Edition), your new favorite indie bands

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03.01.12 42 Comments

Leslie Small, Ben, and me (Vince) at the Frotquarters. You can't see him, but Burnsy is inside the computer.


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This week on the FilmDrunk Frotcast, we’ve got your post-Oscars breakdown, including your Oscar Party HOT GOSS, with Ashley Burns. Who threw the hottest Oscars party at Bonnie Raitt’s house? Who did Alfonso Ribeiro see sharing a drunken snog with Mikhail Gorbechev? What Girl Scout Cookie was renamed in honor of Precious star Gabourey Sidibe? FIND OUT, ON HOT GOSS, WITH ASHLEY BURNS!

We break down all the post-Oscar happenings, including Lights Camera Jackson, the infamous Baron Cohen-Seacrest über beef, a bout with Linsanity, and after that, we get INSIDE INDIE, WITH LESLIE SMALL. Want to know what happened to the members of Sandalwood after they got blown off stage by Free-Range Dingleberries at Chloe Sevigny-fest in WeNopaho Square? Tired of scanning played-out alt weeklies in search of the most underground of underground shows since Flan Solo got condemned? SF comedienne Leslie Small’s got you covered, on INSIDE INDIE, THE INDIE-EST OF INDIE INDIES!

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Here’s that guy from the Mr. Big video who looks like Fred Armisen dressed as Bruce Vilanch.

Tracy Morgan’s ad libs from Totally Awesome. “You ever broke a Puerto Rican’s arm for sweatpants money??”

Pat Morita’s infamous jump kick from the 1989 classic, Collision Course, co-starring Jay Leno.

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