Frotcast 90: Comedian Matt Lieb, Big Money Rustlas, Laremy talks John Carter

03.08.12 7 years ago 14 Comments

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This week on the Frotcast, local comic Matt Lieb shows up to help us discuss Big Money Rustlas, a Juggalo western, and probably the best movie ever made about cowboys who wear clown makeup and call each other “muthafacko.” We listen to how much you all hated last week’s show, run down a few news stories, including Amber Tamblyn’s fairly epic punking of Tyrese Gibson, and Matt tells us about having to read his comedy notebook aloud to Israeli security (great story).

Then we bring on Laremy Legel of to tell us about John Carter and 21 Jump Street, as well as discuss The Sitter and Project X with me, which leads to some clips from Todd Phillips’ 1998 documentary Frat House.

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Join me after the jump for more extensive notes from Adam, plus, “Frotcast: The Play,” by Emmet, one of the funnier emails we’ve received.


This week, unfortunately we are missing Brendan but we have comedian Matt Leib as our in-Frotquarters guest. We also bloop in a professional film critic, Laremy Legel from, listen to some voicemails, do a table read for Frotcast: the Play submitted by a listener, talk about some movies, and play some clips from Big Money Rustlas.

  • 00:01:40 – The Frotcast gets started off with some voicemails from listeners who got riled up by last week’s Inside Indie. Comedian Matt Lieb gets introduced where he talks about movie meta-data, his experience with Israeli Airport Security at LAX, and Israeli women, which leads to a discussion about areolas.
  • 00:20:30 – Vince plays some clips from ICP’s Big Money Hustlas (now streaming on Netflix…woot wooot). Bret has issues with a MacBook, a paperclip, and magnets.
  • 00:25:05 – The guys talk Tyrese Gibson confusing Amber Tamblyn with Amber Rose, and her musical skylarking. Matt fills in the guys about his time at UC Santa Cruz, and Vince’s failure at TV stardom is brought up again.
  • 00:55:38 – Laremy gets blooped to partake in some role playing as the gang does a reading of Frotcast: the Play. John Carter, 21 Jump Street, The Sitter, and Project X get talked about, as well as the ever encroaching summer blockbusters with the release of Hunger Games at the end of this month. Laremy has a story about interviewing two of the girls from Project X and using Miley Cyrus as a wedge between the two of them.
  • 01:30:53 – With talk of Project X, Vince plays some clips from Todd Phillips’ documentary Frat House. At some point the term Santorum Blossom pops up.

Drunk On! – Adam



VINCE, BEN, BRET and BRENDAN sit around a filthy, filthy bedroom.

VINCE: So, hey guys, have you heard about this thing?

He points to some idiotic manifestation of pop culture.

BRENDAN and BRET (together, feigning ignorance): Oh, uh, yeah, I think I think I heard something about that.  Pretty stupid.

BEN (genuinely upset about something that’s been around for three years):  WHAT?  PEOPLE LIKE THINGS I DON’T LIKE?!  THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!  YOUNG PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS!

VINCE smiles coyly, having anticipated BEN’s reaction.  BRENDAN and BRET nod wisely.

ALL: We’re so old guys.

VINCE: So old.

BRENDAN: We’re like, 30, dudes.  That’s ancient.

BEN: And young people are so young.

BRET: It’s all going to shit.



BRENDAN (To VINCE): I’ll suck your dick.

VINCE: Ok.  Who are you impersonating?

BRENDAN: No one.  I will literally suck your dick.

BRENDAN stares intensely at VINCE.

VINCE (Uncomfortably): Hey Brendan.  Poop.

BRENDAN starts laughing hysterically and falls to the floor.   He stays that way for the rest of the act.

BRET: I think we lost Bre-

VINCE interrupts him.

VINCE: Hey!  When you guys were kids, did it ever blow your mind when you found out that the vagina was all, like, under?  Weren’t you all ‘But I thought it went into the bellybutton!’  Well it blew my mind, let me tell you.  In fact, let me tell you once every three podcasts!

BEN: I’m Jewish!

BRET: I have no identifying characteristics.  I might have a beard.

VINCE as FAKE BRET:  You know, I like to, uh, draw them squirrels, and uh, really capture the bushy tails…

This goes on for several minutes.

BEN (pushes VINCE off his chair): Aaaaaand, that’s about enough of that.


BRENDAN, BRET and BEN are having a conversation about sports or some shit.  VINCE interrupts them with repeated use of the soundboard.

BRENDAN: Goddamn it Vince, would you get off the soundboard?

VINCE: Ok, fine.  It’s time to bloop in Laremy anyways.

Laremy’s voice is blooped in.

LAREMY: Hey guys!  So, are we gonna talk about movies today…

VINCE: So Laremy, what are your thoughts on spitting into butts?

LAREMY: …or we can just f*ck around, I guess that works too.


All four as well as BURNSY’s voice gleefully sing a nonsense rendition of Nelson’s “I can’t live without your love and affection”.


It is clearly late in the night, all are showing signs of weariness.

BRET: Well, should we wrap this thing up?

BEN: Ah, shit, we didn’t talk about any films.  Vince, did you see anything?

VINCE: Uh, I saw this one film.

BEN: How was it?

VINCE: It was ok, I guess.

He hesitates, as if contemplating saying more.  Before he can, Ben interrupts.

BEN: Good enough!  Brendan?

BRENDAN: Good night and good chins.

That was a fairly accurate representation of the Frotcast experience, if you’ve never listened.




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