Three New Frotcasts For Your Holiday Listening Pleasure


Happy Thanksgiving, Frotcast fans! We figured you might be traveling to see/avoid the fam this weekend and you might be extra thirsty for #content. So we recorded not one, not two, but THREE NEW FROTCASTS for your listening pleasure.

Frotcast One:

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I talked to writer at large Luke O’Neil about Hell World.

It’s the literary newsletter that’s #disrupting the entire #internet ecosystem (or at least, is a way for a good writer to make some extra cash writing good work for people who like reading good work). Is the newsletter the hottest new-old thing in #content? Luke and I reminisce about the pre-clickbait blogworld internet, bitch about the current state of internet content, and dream of a better future. Other topics include: which sucks more, being in a band or being a comedian?

Frotcast Two (Patreon subcribers only, subscribe and listen here)

Matt and I review The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

Or as Matt describes it, the “Oops All Berries” of Coen Brothers movies. If you like Frotcasts where we actually talk about movies the whole time (which would be weird, but whatever), this is the episode for you. Believe it or not, we actually kind of know what we’re talking about when it comes to the Coen Brothers. Enjoy.

Frotcast Three

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Comedians Jessica Sele and Jeff May.

This one’s your more traditional Frotcast. Comedians Jessica Sele and Jeff May return to the Frotcast, joining Matt and Vince to discuss the morality of committing hate crimes on a videogame and the mommy blogger who lamented her youngest child not getting as much engagement as his siblings. Meanwhile, we helped one listener kick heroin and now he has lots of thoughts about the race science of saggy balls (law of unintended consequences). Also, Matt watched The Snowman. Enjoy!

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