Frotcast 310: A Musical Review Of ‘Westworld’

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Comedians Joey Avery and Jane Harrison are in the Frotquarters this week with Flophouse‘s LA Matt (Matt Lieb) blooping in through Skype. Oh yeah, and Matt brought his guitar this week. We’re talking the season premiere of Westworld on HBO. Yeah or nah? What’s up with Ed Harris’s character? Is Anthony Hopkins a great actor or is he just great at playing Anthony Hopkins? Also, the big Salesforce circle jerk, Dreamforce, is in San Francisco this week, and Joey even had a comedy gig during an afterparty. So we rip on Salesforce and tech for a while. We also get into the VP debate, introduce a brand new segment of #CRYSTALCORNER, and answer your emails. Enjoy!


Intro – Matt Lieb intros his new character, Interrupting Singer/Songwriter
4:45 – Joey’s gig at Dreamforce, and making fun of Salesforce
21:29 – We talk Westworld, which I didn’t even know was a remake of something because I’m dumb.
41:00 – Adult Swim’s policy on hiring female comedy writers
51:00 – We discuss the riveting vice presidential debate between the two Men’s Wearhouse mannequins that were programmed with talking points.
57:28 – Jane went on a date with a Buddhist carpenter with a man bun
1:03:40 – CRYSTAL CORNER. The latest on Andrew Keegan’s awesome hippie cult, complete with rose quartz and cacao ceremonies.
1:17:20 – A magical moment in which Matt’s mom comes home while he’s podcasting
1:22:19 – Matt’s stunning revelation about all the different things he’s put in his butt

In conclusion, I hope that Matt Lieb’s mom listens to the show because she’s on it and then hears about all the things Matt Lieb has put in his butt. I hope this shows up as the number one Google search result for “Matt Lieb puts things in his butt.”

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