Frotcast 188: True Detective, Her, Movie Pitches With Joe Sinclitico

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01.30.14 15 Comments

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Did you guys miss Joe (King) Sinclitico? Well good news, he’s back this week with more movie pitches. And so is Ben, recently recovered from cancer surgery. This week, we talk about True Detective, and how it nearly pushed me away with lines like “Do you know what the difference between you and me is?” (something people never say in real life, but that screenwriters use constantly to ensure that you understand what they’re trying to do), then completely won me back with McConaughey acting all weird and mowing strange lawns and that amazing final shot. Ben, Joe, and I saw Her, and we talk about our favorite depictions of the future, and we argue about cronuts vs. croissants and donuts, my stay with Joe in LA, and what male strippers actually look like in real life. Enjoy! should be back updated soon. In addition to FilmDrunk, you can always find the Frotcast at (even though Podbean sucks), and at Stitcher, where you can stream to your iPhone or Android device, no downloadin’ required (and they usually update pretty punctually).

Additionally, you can catch us on Mutiny Radio every Wednesday.

Here’s that link we were talking about.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Hollywood Improv on Thursday! Great success! If you’re in San Francisco this week, you can see me do some improvised stand up at It’s Just Two Minutes at Milk Bar on Haight Street on Tuesday. Fun Show!

And here’s Joe with his pre-show sausage. He didn’t cook that, just ate it straight from the package.

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