'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Has Two New Clips

Senior Writer
03.12.13 18 Comments
“Hold on, neither of you is a baller or a playboy.”

After being pushed back nearly an entire year, G.I. Joe: Retaliation finally hits theaters on March 27, and it goes without saying that the problem with this sequel is that it doesn’t have nearly enough Channing Tatum. Paramount officials tried to say the film was delayed because they wanted to add 3D and whatever, but we all know it’s because nobody wanted to watch C-Tates get killed off in the film’s opening minutes, like he’s some kind of Steven Seagal in Executive Decision.

Whether or not C-Tate’s life has been spared so he can make a return in G.I. Joe 3: Hey Cobra, Do U Like Deez? isn’t known, but he apparently doesn’t die and people like that better. And the mad love for C-Tates shows in one of the two new Retaliation clips released this week, as the first features The Rock… I’m sorry, Dwayne Johnson pumping his troops up with some Jay-Z. But yo playboy, Errbody knows C-Tates B down wit Nas, holla atcha Illmatic, son.

And the second clip focuses on the much more interesting Snake Eyes character, as he and Mrs. Eyes (or Jinx, apparently) take a casual stroll through a mountain range, while being chased by ninjas. That is something that I can especially relate to.

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