God Put A Bullet In Robert Pattinson In The New Clip For ‘The Rover’

No longer will Taylor Lautner be considered the greatest actor of the Twilight movies (and his generation, in my honest opinion), at least not if this clip of Robert Pattinson in The Rover is indicative of his performance in the entire film. Set in a not-too-distant dystopian future, The Rover tells the story of a guy named Eric (Guy Pearce and his jaw), who has lost all of his possessions except for his car, and when that is suddenly stolen by a gang of Australian toughs, he sets out on a journey to recover what is rightfully his.

Along the way, he enlists the aid of one of the gang members, Reynolds (Pattinson), who is injured and left behind to die. Fortunately, as this new clip reveals, Eric is awesome at completely destroying a guy’s spirit in order to recruit him, and he explains to Reynolds that the entire world has abandoned him, and “God has put a bullet” in him and left him to die. That is, unless he helps Eric get his car back, because it’s just convenient that way. Also, I really hope the car is a bitchin’ El Camino.