Frotcast 281: Crybaby Startup Guy, The Grammys, and ‘Vinyl,’ with Jane Harrison

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Comedian Jane Harrison joins Matt, Vince, and Bret this week, to talk Donald Trump, a whiny startup founder’s crybaby letter to San Francisco mayor Ed Lee, the Grammys, Vinyl, and Chelsea Peretti at the Crunchies. Also, the sound should be better this week, I think I finally got my compression settings worked out. Hooray for #Content!


00:00 – Donald Trump’s incredible stump speeches, which are like a comedian who doesn’t try to be funny and only does crowd work.
12:15 – Understanding Trump’s appeal vis a vis political correctness.
15:40 – Whiny crybaby San Francisco start-up founder writes crappy open letter to the mayor about the homelessness problem.
27:53 – Vince’s devil’s advocate theory, finding 2% of common ground with even the assholiest a-holes.
42:08 – Grammy talk. Sub-question, why does everyone suddenly know what Hamilton is?
48:40 – Matt Lieb raps about Alexander Hamilton
51:30 – Is Kendrick Lamar and other rap over as soon as we discover it? Discuss.
59:13 – Talking Johnny Depp and the Hollywood Vampires.
1:10:35 – Irish accents, for some reason.
1:12:42 – We talk Vinyl, on HBO. Should Andrew Dice Clay always have just been an actor?
1:18:50 – A visit from the Queen (I am sorry).

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