Frotcast: Macon Blair And Jeremy Saulnier From ‘Green Room’

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Are you guys sick of Green Room yet? I hope not. It’s not their fault, me running back-to-back interviews sort of worked out this way. I’m out of town this week, so we couldn’t record a normal Frotcast, but I just happened to have this interview I recorded with Green Room writer/director Jeremy Saulnier and his friend/Green Room and Blue Ruin star Macon Blair back in September. I’d seen it in Toronto a few weeks before this was recorded – “a good blood-and-guts shoot ’em up that’ll kick your balls in for a few hours,” I think I described it – and got to chat with them about it at Fantastic Fest.

I actually met Macon and Jeremy at a previous Fantastic Fest a few years back, on a shotgun shooting trip. Macon mentioned being a FilmDrunk reader and I asked about the movie he was in town for, and he said Blue Ruin. I said I’d have to check that out, totally disingenuously, like I always do with movie people. Then when I finally watched it months later, after all the buzz and great reviews, it turned out to be really exciting and good and not at all the normal mopey film festival snooze.

So what did I learn? I learned, uh… not to do that again, I guess.

Anyway, I talk to Macon and Jeremy about getting the film made, what it’s like getting Patrick Stewart to be in your movie, Jeremy’s history in the DC hardcore punk scene (fun fact: he was later into breakdancing), and neo-Nazis using heavy music as a recruitment tool. Enjoy! We’ll be back next week with your regularly scheduled nonsense.

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