Happy Birthday, Gary Busey!

Today is Gary Busey’s 68th birthday, and while I didn’t get him any presents (gift idea: he rare, made-for-TV Busey gem from 1989 shot for the USA network. If you’ll remember, 1989 was only one year after Busey’s famous motorcycle accident in which he famously went up to heaven and discovered that it has no mirrors.

A deranged man, Tom Sykes, hides out in the attic while an unsuspecting couple and their family carry on their life in the house below. Once Tom stops just hiding out and becomes involved with the family and, in particular, the wife, the problems begin.
Tagline- You can’t lock him out. He’s already in.

Is it just me, or could you see Gary Busey actually doing this in real life? Like, he’d just wander down one day and be like “Morning, butthorn. What’s for breakfast? You got any tacos? My llama’s starving.”

Also, I made this gif:

Gary Busey can next be seen (currently be seen? I’m told it actually came out.) in Piranha 3DD. Busey hasn’t been the biggest box office draw in recent years, but I’ll never forget the time he toplined Turkey’s highest-opening film of 2006, Valley of the Wolves: Iraq, in which he plays a Jewish doctor harvesting Arab organs:

Many throughout the western world were outraged at the film’s offensive casting of Billy Zane.