Happy Thanksgiving, Fox Has Greenlit The ‘Independence Day’ Sequel

As part of Hollywood’s ongoing “Hey, remember your childhood?” initiative, Fox has officially greenlit the long-rumored sequel to Independence Day, a movie that never quite lived up to its trailer in the first place. The tentative release date will be June 24, 2016. What, not July 4th? No thanks, Stalin.

All this according to Deadline:

The film has been slotted for a May production start, and the studio now will move to close Roland Emmerich’s directing deal.

Oh boy. Just don’t expect Will Smith to welcome anyone to Earth, other than his dumb kids, because…

From what I’m told, Will Smith regrettably isn’t reprising. [Deadline]

Okay, so who does that leave? Not Randy Quaid, he died at the end of the first one (spoiler al– oh whatever). And anyway, he’s crazy now. Bill Pullman? Vivica Fox? Robert Loggia? Jeff Goldblum? Hopefully Jeff Goldblum, he’s the only one of those I remembered without having to check IMDB. What I can’t figure out between this, Dumb and Dumber To, and Jurassic World is, are these movies supposed to be for people who remember the 1990s, or for people who don’t? I was there, and God dammit, if anything comes back it should be ska. I didn’t keep these checkered Vans for nothing.

I’m only seeing this if they cast Gilbert Gottfried as the president: