Here Is 10 Minutes Of ‘Machete Kills’ B-Roll Action For A Behind-The-Scenes Look

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09.24.13 8 Comments

Once again, it seems like the people behind Machete Kills are trying to make us do everything except actually watch the movie before it hits theaters on October 11. So far we’ve had clips, trailers, sizzle reels, red band trailers and more clips. And now we can see just how director Robert Rodriguez was able to help his star-packed cast of assassins and generally insane people create the insanity, as we have approximately 10 minutes of B-roll footage from the film’s set.

Having watched both of these videos, if you thought that there couldn’t be anything goofier than the actual clips and trailers that we’ve already watched, I encourage you to watch Sofia Vergara scream, “Pucker up, loverboy!” and shake her breast guns while nothing happens. Hell, just watch Charlie Sheen try to act.

I can’t get past the fact that Mel Gibson plays an evil arms manufacturer and he produces state-of-the-art machetes.

(H/T to /film)

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