Justin Bieber Will Not Replace Paul Walker In ‘Fast And Furious 7’

The future of the Fast and Furious franchise is still rather uncertain in the wake of Paul Walker’s death, but we do know that Universal has every intention of finishing the production of the seventh installment. What’s most uncertain is trivial in the grand scheme, but a person’s death has never stopped people from speculating before, so instead of asking how Walker’s already-shot footage will be used in Fast and Furious 7, people have moved on to wondering, “Hey, who’s going to replace him?”

If you want to believe Carbuzz.com’s rumor from last week, that person might have been Justin Bieber, because one of the franchise’s stars thinks that he’s the perfect fit.

According to Carbuzz.com Ludacris has expressed the wish to cast the Canadian singer in “Fast And Furious 7”.

There is still no final news about who will replace Paul Walker’s character in the film. However, for some reason makers are considering 19-year-old singer to become the part of the film. Some fans just can’t get their head around the preposterous idea.

Bieber may have six pack abs and a fit body but his chocolate boy image doesn’t fit in the role of a car junkie. (Via International Business Times with its multiple popup ads and autoplay video)

First of all, what is a “car junkie” supposed to look like? A juiced-up brute? A wise-talking rapper who shouts things like, “This is vehicular warfare”? A hot-but-tough Latina girl? I grew up in South Florida and can tell you with 100% certainty that there are tons of car junkies in America who would relate quite well to an arrogant, wealthy, pot-smoking white kid with no regard for authority.

But good news, F&F fans, as Carbuzz.com followed up earlier this week and squashed its own out-of-control rumor that was naturally popping up on every generic gossip blog from HollywoodBullSh*t to, well, here. While Universal has Chris Morgan rewriting Fast 7, the studio has denied that there’s a role for Bieber, so we can take that as fact because a studio has never ever lied before.

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