Here’s The Trailer For Ron Burgundy’s Book, ‘Let Me Off At The Top’

As if the umpteen thousand different Dodge Ram commercials weren’t obvious enough, Will Ferrell and Co. are doing everything they possibly can to monetize Anchorman: The Legend Continues before its release on December 20, because the original wasn’t exactly the biggest cash cow that you might have thought. The comedy classic only earned $90 million in theaters during its 2004 run, which is why it was strangely difficult for Ferrell and Adam McKay to get a green light for a sequel.

But here we are, less than two months away from what will certainly be the most quoted movie on any college campus for the next two years, and Ferrell isn’t stopping with just a movie and commercials. He also has a faux autobiography (a fauxtobiography?) being released for Anchorman’s lead character, Ron Burgundy, entitled, “Let Me Off at the Top: My Classy Life and Other Musings.” And like most books these days, there’s a trailer for it so Ferrell can talk us into doing something as dumb as reading.