Here’s Vin Diesel ‘Singing’ Along With Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’

Sam Smith’s hit single “Stay with Me” is easily one of the most infectious tunes that we’ll hear this year, as I go out of my way to avoid listening to it now, so that the chorus won’t get stuck on a loop inside my brain. Good news, though, we now have the easiest way imaginable to get this or any other songs un-stuck from our heads, and all it takes is getting Vin Diesel to sing them. The man with the most ridiculous Facebook page in show business shared a video of himself singing along to “Stay with Me” on his little karaoke machine yesterday, and it’s totally understandable if any of you want to take some time off from listening to music in general.

Between this and the artsy photo of him in the shower, the obvious next step is a video of Vin singing in the shower. If he’s taking requests, well, you know.