Here’s Vin Diesel training with Tony Jaa + Morning Links

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Courtesy of his incredible Facebook page, here’s Vin Diesel training with Tony Jaa. He doesn’t train with a shirt on because shirts make you punch less gooder. He also says Tony Jaa is “part of the family now”, because Vin Diesel considers the 50 million fans on Facebook and all the celebrities he meets “family.” A lot like Juggalos, when you think about it, which makes a lot of sense.


|FilmDrunk| Ja Rule’s new movie lists “God” as an executive producer.

|WarmingGlow| An Atlanta TV reporter called the police on a guy and then things got weird.

|KissingSuzy| PFC Commenter (his shtick is being a dumb commenter on Pro Football Talk) interviewed former Viking’s punter Chris Kluwe. Outstanding.

|WithLeather| This Sumo wrestling ref manages to get kicked in the face AND nuts.

|UproxxVideo| The cast of the Walking Dead sings “Monster Mash.”

|SmokingSection| 32 overlooked rape lyrics in rap.

|TheSuperficial| Russell Brand once jerked off a man, and he talked about it in his preposterously affected accent.

|MentalFloss| 500 fictional beers on one poster.

|Videogum| Shepard Smith proves why Fox News needs all those giant screens.

|TheChive| The history of the selfie.

|deathandtaxes| This 33-year-old man spent $100K to look like Justin Bieber.

|BroBible| Brick Stone (don’t know who that is) trolls Westboro Baptist.

|Guyism| Bridesmaid gets knocked out during the bouquet toss.

|Pajiba| Ranking the careers of the Friday Night Lights cast

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