The ‘Hey Girl’ Plug-In Changes All Your Pictures to Baby Goose

It’s funny that there’s a movie out this week celebrating the late “visionary” Steve Jobs, when the real technological revolutionary is right here in our midst. I’m speaking of course of Katherine Champagne, inventor of a Google Chrome plug-in that turns every picture on webpages you visit into Ryan Gosling. Start warming up that Nobel Prize. (Fun fact: Baby Goose has won the Nobel Prize for Sensitivity three years running).

From Mashable:

“We had a curriculum challenge that involved manipulating webpage elements live using Javascript,” [Brooklyn-based developer Katherine] Champagne told Mashable, “and my programming pair and I were having fun changing all of his Dev Bootcamp profile information to make him appear as if he were Channing Tatum.” [at Dev Bootcamp in Chicago]

“My teacher, Kevin Solorio, walked by and threw down the gauntlet: make this a bookmarklet! Challenge accepted. I changed the concept from Channing Tatum to Ryan Gosling, and was born.”

Strange obsessions with Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling? I would say those two had to be FilmDrunk readers, but she never said “Baby Goose” or “C-Tates,” so the jury’s still out.

Champagne hopes the extension not only pleases the eyeballs, but tickles the brain of female web developers.

“I hope that inspires more women to get into web development—there needs to be more of us, ladies! It’s not all math, it’s not boring—as I hope evidences, I’ve found programming to be an incredible creative outlet.”

See, girls?! Developing isn’t all BORING MATH, some times there’s CUTE BOYZ!! (*heart stickers, puffy paint*)

I’m glad Katherine Champagne is a girl, because a guy would get crucified for saying something so sexist. I don’t mean the part about girls only being interested in development for the cute boys, I mean the ignorant assumption that only girls would enjoy Baby Goose. Please, we all know his appeal isn’t constrained by gender boundaries, sexual preferences, or international borders. With Baby Goose it isn’t about sex anyway, it’s about cuddlin’.

Also, “Hey Girl?” Not “Hey, Girl?” Have we completely done away with the direct address comma? That makes me uncomfortable. Let’s keep this comma between us, girl. Just so things stay grammatical.