Hey, you got Megan Fox in my Bridesmaids!

Senior Editor
01.12.12 17 Comments

*ahem* MEGAN FOX NAKED MEGAN FOX NAKED MEGAN FOX NAKED! …Sorry, I have to do that for Google search purposes. I hope you understand. Anyway, after the jump I’ve got the trailer for Friends with Kids, the unofficial Bridesmaids reunion starring Kristin Wiig, Jon Hamm, Chris O’Dowd, and Maya Rudolph, with Adam Scott, Megan Fox, Ed Burns, and Jennifer Westfeldt (who also wrote and directs) along for the ride. The plot? “We’ve replaced their ‘Benefits’ with ‘Kids.’ Let’s see if anyone notices!”

I like these actors as much as the next guy, because these are likable actors, but… really? We’re supposed to watch to find out whether the two attractive white friends end up together in the end? Because they made some sort of pact? Didn’t we already make two identical movies about that this past year? And wasn’t it a Seinfeld episode? And this is just that, but with baby jokes? Well I think it goes without saying that this looks great, and I for one would love to see this exact plot of every romantic comedy redone with different actors. My only concern is, where’s Ludacris? Without him, who’s going to give the protagonist the sassy straight talk he needs? It’s not cake without frosting, dudes.

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