Hot lady robot sucking on a sausage

And now, a sex robot sucking on a sausage.  Do not click on this unless you want to be severely disturbed.  Last I checked, that included oh… all of you.  You’re already watching it, aren’t you.  Crazy, right?  I like how the video says “You can imagine what else she likes to suck on!”  Gosh, are you sure I can, Sexbot video?  I’m not very creative!  I hope this isn’t an actual product, but a way to ferret out people who should be on the sex offender registry.  “Check out our new sausage-sucking sexbot!  She’s got three working orifices, including a fully-functional uncanny valley!”  And it has all the unblinking eyes and rigor mortis lips to which I’ve become accustomed?!  Hold the phone while I find my hooker-skinned wallet!  [Fark]


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And finally, here’s a rough approximation of my reaction to the banner video:

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