‘I Play The Orchestra’: First Full Trailer For ‘Steve Jobs,’ Starring Michael Fassbender And Seth Rogen

You may rightly believe the world could never do justice to Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad’s work on jOBS, from the director of Swing Vote. Yet just two years later, Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle are taking a tilt at the windmill, with Michael F. Assbender as Steve Jobs and Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak.

I was a little worried about the guy who wrote “I have a blog?!” on the Newsroom doing a(nother) movie about a tech pioneer, and it definitely looks pretty Sorkin-y. It opens with a Seth Rogen voiceover, leading to one of those epic “trailer lines,” where Woz asks Jobs “What is it you do?” And Jobs says, “Musicians play their instruments. I play the orchestra.”

The other classic Sorkin, “a million dollars isn’t cool” trailer line is, “I sat in a garage and invented the future, because artists lead and hacks ask for a show of hands!”

Damn, son. Steve Jobs is definitely going to turn someone’s house into his pingpong room in this. But at the very least, it doesn’t look like it’s going to say “Steve” 73 times. It opens Oct. 9.