In Germany’s version of The Town, Ben Affleck is a Marathon runner

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04.11.11 19 Comments

This is how every scheisse porn begins

This is the trailer for The Robber (Der Rauber), a film from German director Benjamin Heisenberg that tells the true story of Austrian bank robber and runner Johann Kastenberger, a marathon runner who used his distance-running skillz to rob banks and then flee on foot.  Friggin Europeans.  It promises all the bank robbing, scary masks, and love triangles of The Town with less car chases and Sawx gear.  ACHTUNG! ICH LEBEN ZEESS WHOLE TOWN EEN MEIN REARVIEW!

A champion marathoner leads a double life as a serial bank robber, sprinting between fixes (and away from police cavalcades) as many as three times a day. Based on the real-life story of Austria’s most-wanted bank robber of the 1980s, Benjamin Heisenberg’s thriller is a lean, visceral study of pathological compulsion, featuring a riveting central performance by Andreas Lust (REVANCHE).

He robs banks to support his Marathon habit, which I guess makes him some kind of yuppie Jesse James, or this a boring version of Point Break.  Who knew that when an ancient Greek named Pheidippides ran 26 miles to announce the Greek victory over Persia and died of exhaustion, that the same run would eventually make such a popular diversion for white people who hate themselves?  A lot of my friends like to do this for fun.  No thanks.  I could spend the same time and energy digging a really deep hole and at least have something to show for it.

[via Apple, no US release date yet]

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