In Honor of National Cat Day, Here’s a Bunch of Cats ‘Purrforming’ ‘Gone Girl’

In case you aren’t aware, October 29th marks ‘National Cat Day,’ a holiday where the same three videos of a cat on a Zoomba are given the opportunity to be reblogged on the Internet. Rejoice! To celebrate said holiday, the people over at Pet Collective have created a Gone Purrl trailer featuring entirely small cats. Beware: the following video includes very strong cat puns, and may not be safe for dog-identified viewers.

All parts of Gone Girl are played by actual cats, with the exception of Nancy Gayle (Missy Pyle), who is played by a scrappy Barbie, for no reason I can understand.  Some of the wordplay is weaker than others (Amy “hissappeared 21 cat days ago” – is that a thing?) but I really appreciated the message behind the piece: “Cats aren’t nice,” Nancy tells us, “they don’t smile like dogs” (wag-wag to that).  Also thumbs up to the writer who, in the voice of Amy, accused cat Ben Affleck of replacing her with a “bottlecap” – that’s EXACTLY the type of betrayal a cat would commit. (Dogs leave dogs for other dogs. Cats leave cats for inanimate objects).

The references are pretty spot on, and it’s worth a watch even if you haven’t seen the movie. The acting? Frankly, I’ve seen better from cats. Here the cats really went for subtlety, when I what I needed was some toy-grabbing and tail-swishing. Whatever happened to the great cat directors?

Enjoy. It’s not purrfect, but Jesus, neither is that movie.