Trailer: Hepcats & Kitty Cats in Coen Bros’ ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’

If you don’t get excited about new Coen Brothers movies, we probably can’t be friends. Here we have the trailer for Inside Llewyn Davis, with its tough-to-spell/tough-to-remember title making it the perfect cool-kid litmus test, which follows the Greenwich Village folk scene of the sixties, starring John Goodman (John Goodman should be in everything, fact), Carey Mulligan, Garret Hedlund, who doesn’t even have to change his wardrobe from On the Road, Justin Timberlake as the guy who’s out of place, and Oscar Isaac as the titular Llewyn Davis. Oscar Isaac and Adam Goldberg are different people, but tell that to my brain. Anyway, there are few things I enjoy less than Baby Boomers lecturing us about Bob Dylan and how they chaanged everything maaaan for the umpteenth time, but this is the Coen Brothers we’re talking here, so I’m sure it won’t be that. Yes, I will see this. I will see this so hard my eyeballs need a helmet.
I enjoy that almost every shot in the trailer has a cat. It’s like it was perfectly designed for the internet. Opens February 8th.

Can I pet kitties in the army?
I’m assuming they cast Timberlake because he looks good in a sweater.
Seriously, I’m pretty sure this exact shot is also in On the Road. Kristen Stewart is giving him a handjob in it.
That’s a power move.
Here’s Timberlake playing with his band, Johnny and the Cable Knits.
This seemed relevant.