By Grabthar’s Hammer! Here Are Some Interesting Things You May Not Know About ‘Galaxy Quest’.

Galaxy Quest was an underrated parody of the Star Trek fandom and geek culture in general. It only grossed $90 million worldwide on a $45 million production budget, but it was eventually voted the seventh best Star Trek movie by fans at the Star Trek 2013 Convention. Since the movie’s turning 15 later this year, MTV put together an excellent oral history of the film, including interviews with the stars, director, writer, and producer. You can check out the full thing over at MTV (via /film), but we’ll be rounding up our favorite bits:

  • Tim Allen’s role was originally offered to Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, and Kevin Kline.
  • Allen turned down two other roles to do Galaxy Quest. One was in “an angel movie” that never got made. The other role went to Robin Williams. It was the box office bomb Bicentennial Man, which grossed $87 million on a $100 million budget.
  • Justin Long landed the role which almost went to more experienced (at the time) actors Kieran Culkin [you know, Mac’s brother], Eddie Kaye Thomas [sh*t break!], or Tom Everett Scott [He is Spartacus].
  • Sam Rockwell says Paul Rudd auditioned for a role, probably the same role Rockwell played. (Does anyone even know his last name!?)
  • Director Dean Parisot said his aim in making the movie was to “begin as a mockery and end as a celebration”. Which is a great way to describe the tone of the movie. He also told MTV his mission was to “make a great Star Trek episode”.
  • Tim Allen brought a souvenir from the Alien set and asked Sigourney Weaver to sign it. She tells MTV, “He had this piece of the wall of the Nostromo or something, and he was so proud of it. I wrote on it: ‘Stolen by Tim Allen. Love, Sigourney Weaver'”

Speaking of that GIF, we’re going to let this next part speak for itself.

Sam Rockwell: We all went to a big 20th anniversary of Alien with Sigourney.

Daryl Mitchell: The part in Alien when Sigourney was in her panties? Tim shouts out “Yeah, baby!” Now here we are in an intense moment, trying to act like we didn’t see it, having some dignity – and Tim screams “Yeah, baby!” Everybody started laughing.

They don’t call him “The Tool Man” for nothing.

  • When Steven Spielberg visited the set, he suggested Missi Pyle’s character Laliari should be given a larger role, so the romance subplot with Tony Shaloub’s character was added.
  • Sam Rockwell improvised his line during that creepy makeout scene.

  • Sam Rockwell is just the best. (That wasn’t in the MTV interview, but we believe it was implied.)
  • Sigourney Weaver liked her character’s blond wig so much, she stole it when the movie was done.

Everybody’s interested in making a sequel (if Dreamworks is willing to pay for it). Never give up, never surrender!

Tim Allen: There’s a sequel somewhere. It’s written, but I haven’t really gotten a straight answer about it, but Hollywood is a very peculiar place. It is none of my business.
Robert Gordon (writer): On the record, I definitely have ideas for a sequel. Off the record, OK, turn your recorder off.
Justin Long: So many people ask me about a sequel.
Mark Johnson (producer): If we announced a sequel or a TV show, there’d be genuine excitement, not “It’s too late.” We’ve tried. I’d do it, Dean would do it. But we need Bob. It’s a Bob Gordon joint, but Bob is a very specific guy.
Sam Rockwell: F–k yeah, a sequel would be amazing. If it was a respectful script to “Galaxy Quest.”
Sigourney Weaver: Tell Bob, tell Dean, we are all ready for a sequel. I still have my costume!
Tim Allen: How’s this for a sequel: it’s 15 years later. The Thermians come back, but they haven’t aged. Maybe they don’t have warp anymore so it took 15 years. They have to search for a new homeland. Sarris [the main villain] is gone but his family never forgets and you take it from there.

You can check out the full oral history at MTV.

Thanks for reading!