Is Vin Diesel Posting Those Marvel Photos To Tell Us Who He Isn’t Playing?

Back at the Comic-Con 2013 mini-panel for Riddick, Vin Diesel told the audience that some “big news” would be coming at some point regarding that meeting that he had with Marvel Studios in early July and the picture of himself that he posted in front of the Avengers poster. Many, including my handsome self, believed that he was playing coy with his mention of his own “tunnel vision,” as that could be viewed as a callback to all of that ridiculous fan art from people pitching the grumbly former breakdancer as Vision, who was created by Ultron, which just so happens to be the main villain in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

But now Diesel has everyone looking in a completely different direction, as he posted a picture of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy with no caption on his Facebook yesterday, and everyone from Deadline to Moviefone to Entertainment Weekly to our bros at Gamma Squad think this is a pretty open and shut case of the guy who voiced The Iron Giant lending his grumble to the character that essentially just shouts, “I AM GROOT!”

However, scrolling through a lot of the comments on Diesel’s Facebook pictures, his fans seem to believe that this is part of his playful nature and love for pranks. In fact, some think that he’s actually posting pictures that refer to the characters that he won’t be playing, as they think this is his quirky way of telling us that he’s not playing Vision or Groot, and that he’s possibly still in the running for a bigger character like Thanos, Ultron or maybe even a character that nobody has mentioned.

Anyway, at Comic-Con, he referred to it as “the one thing” that he’s not supposed to say anything about, so maybe that has changed and he’s just openly leaking the “big news.” But I think he’s still blowing smoke and will end up playing Spider-Ham.

(Fast forward to the 20-minute mark for the Marvel question, but watch the whole thing if you want to hear one guy admit how the character Riddick helped him overcome his fear of the dark.)