Is Wanderlust a Paul Rudd/David Wain movie or a Jennifer Aniston movie?

After the jump, I’ve got the red-band trailer for Wanderlust, a film that presents an interesting dilemma. Do you think of it as a studio comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and avoid accordingly, or do you categorize it as a David Wain movie (Role Models, Wet Hot) starring Paul Rudd and co-written by Ken Marino and immediately hand over your money like it’s going out of style? The decision would be a lot easier if they’d put Ken Marino in this more (he’s listed on IMDB but he’s not in the trailer — wait, there he is!), but I think I was eventually won over by the shot of Paul Rudd talking to a giant fly. I dunno, man, I’m a sucker for anthropomorphic insects.


Good or bad, we’ll be able to find out next weekend. Universal has taken the novel approach of releasing a a film that’s not about CIA spies fighting over Reese Witherspoon or The Rock riding a giant CGI bee in February. I hope it works.
[trailer via Break, pics via the official Facebook page]