It’s Jamie Foxx As Electro On The Set Of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

It’s really hard to keep track of the developments involving The Amazing Spider-Man 2, because it basically seems like all director Marc Webb learned from the critical failure of Spider-Man 3 was to start cramming the films with characters and villains before you finish the trilogy. So we know that Shailene Woodley has joined the film as Mary Jane Watson, Paul Giamatti is playing Rhino, Chris Cooper is Norman Osborn, Dane DeHaan is Harry Osborn and Jamie Foxx is Electro. Also, Venom may or may not be introduced.

But Giamatti and Foxx are the real eyebrow raisers, not because they’re not great actors, but mainly because the characters they’re playing have rather unusual appearances that may not translate very well on the big screen. Like Electro, who has a giant yellow starfish on his face. Well, scratch that concern off the list, because thanks to Vulture (the site, not the other awful Spider-Man villain that should not be played by Ben Kingsley in The Amazing Spider-Man 3) we now know what Electro looks like.

He looks cool, mysterious and scary enough, but I still remain firmly locked into the belief that the only Spider-Man villains that are worth a film are Venom and Carnage. This concludes today’s edition of “Why Girls Laugh At Me”.

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