It’s The ‘Man Of Steel’ Opening Title Sequence

Senior Writer
04.25.13 22 Comments

… That a creative production company made. Sorry, I hate when I run out of room in the title of the post and then people have to click on the link and read it just so I can finish saying that this is the opening title sequence for Man of Steel, as interpreted by the people at Will & Tale, who specialize in creative development and animation, among other things.

The video is pretty good for one of them fancy viral efforts that the kids are all talking about, even if it didn’t fool YouTube user “eckosboy” who totally called it “fake”. Haha, nothing gets by that “eckosboy”.

For what it is, I think it’s cool. I’m not upset by it at all, at least not as much as one writer at io9 who is “sick to death” of seeing Superman’s origin on screen, which must be a reference to Smallville, because Superman’s origin isn’t as abundant as, say, Batman or Spider-Man these days. But fans are gonna dissect, so I’m curious to know what the more diehard fans of Kal-El think about this fan video.

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