Jack Nicholson is still an awesome old perv

Here’s Jack Nicholson popping in on Jennifer Lawrence during her post-Oscars interview with George Stephanopoulos. He tells her she did a beautiful job, and drops that old chestnut, “you look like an old girlfriend of mine,” a favorite of old pervs everywhere. At least he didn’t say “you remind me of my daughter,” like that British soldier right before he raped Braveheart’s girlfriend.

For her part, Jennifer Lawrence was obviously starstruck, but still poised enough to tell Jack playfully “you’re being very rude,” and “do I look like a new girlfriend?” Man, I don’t think I’ve ever been as comfortable in my own skin as that girl seems to be every second of every day. I’m sure there’ll be an eventual backlash against her as people get tired of all of us talking about how great she is, but just know that it’s only because she actually is so great and that I will fight you.

Nothing against Jack. I mean, can you blame him?

I enjoy that at a certain age, you stop pretending to not be blatantly checking out girls’ asses. For Jack Nicholson I think that age was about 23, but still. Something to look forward to, for the rest of us.

Awesome gif breakdown here. J-Law picture via Bohemea.