How Has Everyone Not Watched This Footage Of Jack Nicholson Prepping For The Axe Scene In ‘The Shining’?

The Shining not only boasts some of the slickest cinematography and direction in any horror film — the tracking shots are moments of miraculousness — but it also contains one of Jack Nicholson‘s greatest performances, which is saying a lot considering his body of work.

This rare footage of Nicholson prepping for his infamous ax scene during the film’s third act is amazing on varying levels. You can see him brimming with kinetic, violent energy, jumping up and down, his hands trembling and forming into rigid claws while verbalizing gruff staccatos, “C’mon. C’moooon!”

Jack handles the heavy axe in his hand, getting a feel for its weight, rehearsing a few movements with the weapon. This clip has been on YouTube for a little while, but why it doesn’t have millions of views already is beyond me. Watch the video below and prepare to be amazed at the talent of a young Jack Nicholson.