Jackie Chan Still Has It In The New 'CZ12' Trailer

Last year, 59-year old action icon Jackie Chan reprised perhaps his most famous role as, well, Jackie, in the Armour of God series that had been dormant for 22 years while he became a global box office superstar. With CZ12 or Chinese Zodiac, Chan proved to his Chinese fans last year that he can still kick a lot of ass (even if he’s too scared to join The Expendables 3) and CZ12 grossed more than $138 million in the Far East alone.

Now the third installment of Armour of God is set to hit American theaters on October 18, and the newest trailer for the film has hit the web, in case there’s anyone out there who hasn’t already seen a Chinese bootleg of the film. Not that I condone that kind of behavior, of course, but I’m just saying there are people out there who do stuff like that. Horrible, awful people.