Jaimie Alexander Wants To Play Wonder Woman

Mostly known for her portrayal of Sif in the Thor films or for being Peter Facinelli’s current “Aman-DUHHHH,” Jaimie Alexander is a star on the rise, and it had absolutely nothing to with that dress she wore to the Thor preview. It’s mainly because she’s a very attractive actress who can play the role of ass kicker in a comic book franchise, and naturally that led to Jay Leno asking her on last night’s Tonight Show if she’s going to play Wonder Woman.

Alexander played the surprised bit quite well, but once again proved that when it comes to the old comic book stories brought to life on the big screen or TV, she knows her sh*t. Oh, and of course she’d really like to play Wonder Woman if anyone out there is listening. Otherwise, she might shove a sword up your ass.

Also, I’d totally let Uverse tack on another $20 to my monthly cable bill if they’d add a feature that allows Craig Ferguson to offer drunken commentary during anything that I’m watching. It could actually make Agents of SHIELD interesting.