James Franco Painted A Nude, Spread-Eagled Seth Rogen For Art (Mildly NSFW)

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04.28.14 7 Comments


When not posting photos of himself possibly masturbating, James Franco has been posting nude paintings of Seth Rogen on his Instagram account, which are supposedly part of an art exhibition coming to New York and Los Angeles. Uhh, OK?

We’ve already heard James Franco’s artistic explanation of why dressing up at women and smirking at the camera is “art,” so of course we’re curious to hear how a series of elaborate dick jokes is something that deserves to end up in a gallery. “You see, by leaving himself vulnerable on all fours, Seth’s positioning makes us all examine our own vulnerabilities. ALSO SETH WANTS A BIG DICK IN HIS BUTT GET IT HAHAHAHAHA.”

(Update: As a commenter pointed out, James Franco is pulling a Shia LaBeouf with this. There’s not enough UGGHH in the world.)

[Editor’s Note: The following pictures are mildly NSFW, and in the meantime we bid a warm welcome to all those new readers who got here by Googling “Nude Seth Rogen Paintings.”]





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