Now Jared Leto Is Method Acting So Hard His Costars Don’t Even Recognize Him

The only thing funnier to me than Jared Leto’s method acting is how hard WB is trying to sell Jared Leto’s method acting on Suicide Squad (which doesn’t open for another year). We’ve already heard about him giving a rat to Margot Robbie (who’s playing Harley Quinn) and a “dead hog” to the cast and crew, and Scott Eastwood says Leto was so method that Eastwood was afraid to approach him. It’s part of a concerted strategy to let us know just how far this wildman Leto will go to convince us he’s a cartoon character. MY GOD, HE’S LITERALLY BECOMING TWO DIMENSIONAL!

Now, Margot Robbie tells the New York Daily News that she too was afraid to approach him, and may not even recognize him out of character. Actors, man.

“At first it was kind of confronting (to be up close) but now I’m so used to it, I think if I ever saw him out of makeup now I would be really confused,” said Robbie.

“Actually, I saw him out of makeup once and I was actually petrified of him. I was too scared to go up and didn’t know who that person was, and when he got back into his makeup I was far more comfortable.”

I think a really cool idea would be to get Jared Leto, Eddie Redmayne, and Daniel Day-Lewis together and convince them that they’re going to be in this avant-garde film about a pack of dogs, and then film them while they try to work out who’s the pack leader. One of them would die of rabies just to outdo the others.