American Reunion trailer: Still wankin’ after all these years

Senior Editor
10.13.11 24 Comments

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. American Reunion, the American Pie sequel/semi-reboot, has a trailer. You’ll be happy to know that Jason Biggs’ character, Jim (that’s him filling a sock with KY in the banner image), despite being married with kids now, still enjoys masturbating and frequently gets caught in the act. Wacky Jim! Still up to his old antics! Though at this point, I think any psychiatrist in the land would have to sit him down and ask the big question: “Jim, maybe part of you wants to get caught. Have you ever considered that?”

JIM: “Guys? What does third base after 40 feel like?”

OZ: “…It feels like an old, stretched-out tube sock, filled with KY.”

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