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09.17.08 356 Comments

In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Jason Statham revealed that after he finishes work on all the latest Transporters and Cranks, his next project will be The Grabbers, a project written by David and Janet Peoples (12 Monkeys), which will be heavily influenced by the Bogart classic The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.  Statham had this to say about the project:

Oy, yeah. E’s koynda loike a Treashya a da Sierra Madre, only dat bloke ‘at played it befo’, ‘e wizz always keepin’ ‘e’s shir’ on.  An’ oy bloody weww ain’ gonna fock’n do dat, now ees oy?  Oy’s fock’n Jason Stafam now isn’ oy?  An’ anuvva fing – dem blokes ina Sierra Madre, ‘umphrey Blogar’ ‘an oww dat, dey ain’t got no flash ca’s, ‘as dey?  Dat’s definitely somefin we’s got ‘a change, cos fock’n Jason Stafam don’ go droivin’ round in some piddly fock’n wank wagon, now duz dey?  Now, win we soy e’s gonna be loike da Treashya a da Sierra Madre in oww dat, wut we mean e’s dat oy’s gonna be droivin’ round inna fancy sazz wagon wif me shir’ off, when oww uvva sudden oy sees dis fit Mexican bird, roight?  An’ before you know it we’s goin’ onna search fa da fock’n lost gold, an’ rippin each uvva’s clothes off an ‘avvin a go at each uvva onna bafroom floor an’ oww dat, dja know whut oy mean?  An’ ‘en some fock’n blokes come, ‘an dey troy ta taike a treashya, so oy staaht smashin’ bugga’s oww ovva da bloody plaice, coz oy’s fock’n Jason Stafam, oy ain’ gonna bloody weww sit ‘ere an’ play fock’n Choinese Chek’uhs, now ees oy?

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