Jax Teller And Don Johnson's Daughter Are The Stars Of 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

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Two weeks ago, as rumors were still running wild of multiple actors and actresses being considered for the lead roles in the Fifty Shades of Grey film adaptation, two names seemed to be mentioned more than any others – Charlie Hunnam of Pacific Rim and Sons of Anarchy for Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson of Don Johnson’s and Melanie Griffith’s lovemaking for Anastasia Steele. And while many people argued that they wouldn’t get the roles, they did, because E L James (or SnowQueen IceDragon) Tweeted yesterday that they have been cast.

Charlie is Christian

Dakota is Anastasia

Dakota Johnson (via Getty Image)

I read this morning that a lot of people apparently freaked out in idiotic cyber rage over James’ announcement, but it’s still too early in the week for me to be diving into that deep end of dipshittery. In response, James Tweeted, “To all the supporters, lovers and haters – thank you so much for the passion that you have for this project. You all rock. All of you.”

There’s just something about a 50-year old woman who rose to fame by writing erotic fan fiction on a Twilight message board using the word “haters” that makes me hope that we can finally put that word to rest.

Additionally, Vulture has this interesting and not-in-the-least-bit surprising tidbit about Fifty Shades of Grey superfan Bret Easton Ellis’ recent casting conversation with James about who she wanted to play Christian.

50 Shades of Grey’s No. 1 Superfan weighs in: “Talked to E.L. James at a party over the summer: her first choice for Christian was Rob Pattinson and Matt Bomer was never in the running.” Then: “E.L. James and I were at Rob Pattinson’s house when she admitted Rob was first choice for Christian. Ian Somerhalder never in the running.” For his part, Ellis suggested “James Deen, of course,” and both writers were “very wasted.” Would kind of rather watch that movie.

Adding: “And Kristen Stewart would play Anastasia and they’d fall in love again and Robert would take her back and the world would be a perfect, sparkly place again!”

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