Jeff Daniels And Peter Farrelly Are Already Talking About ‘Dumb And Dumber 3’

Last night, the big premiere for the long-awaited Dumb and Dumber To was hosted in Westwood, California, and it wouldn’t have really been a grand occasion if Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels didn’t roll up in style. The stars of the sequel that is being released next Friday, 20 years after the original changed the way we laughed at comedies, hit the red carpet as they stepped out of their beloved Mutt Cutts van, while donning newer versions of their blue and orange tuxedos that have been the staples of every prom and homecoming dance in the United States since Carrey and Daniels first killed a baby snow owl in them.

Normally, the news of last night’s premiere would begin and end with Carrey and Daniels joining their costars and Bobby and Peter Farrelly on the red carpet to celebrate a grand payday, but Daniels and Peter Farrelly decided to turn the excitement up some more with a good, old-fashioned trilogy teaser.

“Depending how this does, I could see doing another,” Farrelly said. “I just really enjoy this movie and working with those guys. Yeah, I could see doing it again.”

He’s not the only one on board.

“I love the Farrellys, I love Jim,” Daniels said. “There’s great value in making people laugh 20 years ago and I hope now. And (if) you get to do it again, you get to do it again.” (Via Variety)

Slow down, fellas. Of course, we’re all caught up in the excitement of the returns of Lloyd and Harry, and probably a lot of the same jokes with simple twists, so we might say some things that we don’t necessarily mean just yet. Let’s just hold off on clearing any calendar space until this sequel proves that it was a good idea and cracks the $100 million mark. Then we can start those Dumb and Dumbest rumors for 2034.