Jennifer Aniston Is A 44-Year Old Stripper In The ‘We’re The Millers’ Red Band Trailer

05.23.13 5 years ago 46 Comments

Trailerpalooza Week continues here at FilmDrunk with the Red Band trailer for We’re the Millers, which stars Jason Sudeikis as a small time weed dealer in way over his head. A much more powerful dealer (Ed Helms) forces Sudeikis to retrieve a shipment of weed from Mexico for him, so he thinks up a plan to pretend to be a normal American family driving into Mexico for a little vacation. And if this is supposed to take place in 2013, clearly, this film is in the fantasy genre.

Regardless, Sudeikis recruits two young people to pretend to be his kids, and he asks his stripper neighbor, played by Jennifer Aniston, to be his wife. That’s right, a 44-year old actress is playing a stripper. In fairness, Aniston is still a very, very attractive woman and Marisa Tomei definitely proved already that an actress north of 40 can still rock the stripper pole. But it seems that Aniston’s “stripper” is more like a Maxim model.

Either way, no complaints.

Oh, and I should point out that this is NSFW for language and giant, swollen testicles.

One brief observation: Is referencing TLC songs the new joke du jour? I know that it was a running gag with Michael Keaton’s character in The Other Guys, but I didn’t know if this was something that the kids were doing today. I’ve always been more of a Salt N Pepa guy.

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