Jennifer Lawrence Bares Her Soul And Midriff In This Deleted Scene From ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’

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Hey, remember X-Men: Days Of Future Past? It hits DVD and Blu-Ray October 14th, and this deleted scene just hit the web. It features Jennifer Lawrence in a super sexy crop top and bell bottoms, and it takes place (SPOILER ALERT) after she’s been shot in the leg by Magneto, who tries to kill her so her blood can’t be used to create the Sentinels (*deep drag on inhaler*). It also stars James McAvoy and Lawrence’s ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult (IS SHE REALLY DATING THE COLDPLAY GUY NOW, HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?!?)

The big dramatic beat? “Eric is going to start that war whether you like it or not.”

I can’t say the scene was entirely necessary to the plot, but I would’ve left it in just for J-Law’s outfit. I also enjoy the implication that Xavier can read anyone’s mind, from anywhere in the world, but must press his index finger to his temple in order to do so. It’d be like if Superman could only use his heat vision while armpit farting.

Sub-question: does Professor X need to speak your language in order to read your mind? Like, would you be able to foil him simply by thinking in Chinese? And if Xavier were to try to plant thoughts in the mind of a Chinese, would it just sound like meaningless gibberish to the guy? These are just some basic questions I have about Professor Xavier’s mutant powers and whether they would work on the Chinese.