Jim Belushi Thinks His Son Should Play The Guy Who Made Him Famous

Last month, it was announced that Emile Hirsch had been selected to play John Belushi in the Warner Bros. biopic that has been talked about for several years now, and that must have come as a huge shock to people who want to cast Josh Gad in everything. Naturally, people who remember Belushi fondly for his charming comedy antics in Blues Brothers and Animal House raised their eyebrows over this decision, because Hirsch is a pretty unexpected casting choice.

But no eyebrow has been raised higher than by Jim Belushi, as the man who became famous because of his brother thinks that his own son, Robert Belushi, should play John because he’s “33, the same age that John passed away at, and he looks like him.” Aw dad, you’re embarrassing the boy.

Admittedly, I wasn’t aware that Robert Belushi was a great comedic actor, as his father told the giggling TMZ camera man, so I checked his IMDB to see what I may have seen him in, and… um… here he is telling us all about his new Ford Fiesta.