Jim Carrey Claims He Has 'Never Heard' Of 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'

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03.12.13 12 Comments

All of the pieces seem to be falling into place rather nicely for Marvel’s giant sci-fi space epic, Guardians of the Galaxy, which will of course be tied into the ever-expanding Avengers universe. With Parks and Rec star Chris Pratt signed on to play the lead character, Star-Lord, they’re just trying to fill in the supporting characters, specifically the voices of the CGI Guardians like Rocket Raccoon and Groot, the giant talking tree.

There was a rumor back in January that Marvel Studios had reached out to Adam Sandler for the voice of Rocket and Jim Carrey for Groot, and while those aren’t exactly the most ideal casting decisions, based on both actors’ recent bodies of work, they at least showed that the studio was devoted to adding serious star power to this comic book’s transition to the big screen.

But just like Jason Momoa, who turned down the role of Drax the Destroyer, we can cross Carrey off the list, too. Promoting The Incredible Burt Wonderstone at SXSW (where Vince is currently trying out pickup lines on Twilight actresses) Carrey shot down that January rumor with authority.

Normally, I’d say that he was just playing coy because he’s at SXSW to promote a specific film and isn’t supposed to be discussing another movie, but he seemed rather adamant about his voice appearing in Guardians being a classic Internet fib. Now if we can just get Sandler to do the same, under oath and loaded with sodium pentothol preferably.

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