John Leguizamo Told Arsenio Hall About The Time Steven Seagal Punched Him

It has been almost 18 years since the action hit Executive Decision was released in theaters, so it would be safe to assume that any old feuds from that set are water under the bridge. But even if that is true, John Leguizamo doesn’t care, because he dug up the corpse of a little spat that he had with future Arizona governor Steven Seagal when that movie started filming and he reanimated it on The Arsenio Hall Show last night.

According to Leguizamo, when the cast met for the first time, Seagal showed up to the set and immediately established himself as the alpha dog of the cast. Leguizamo thought it was all a joke so he laughed at the idea, and Seagal showed off his Aikido skills by punching the comedian in the chest and knocking the wind out of him. You’d think that would be a lesson learned, but it didn’t stop Leguizamo from making fun of the way the “big and fat” Seagal runs during last night’s interview.

Sleep with one eye open, Rat.

Poor choice of words? Maybe. But the fact remains that Seagal certainly looks goofy as hell when he’s running in his movies.