Johnny Knoxville To Play Lead Stooge?

The last we heard from Peter and Bobby Farrelly, they were very excited to begin production on their new version of The Three Stooges, as they were completing their recent “meh”-fort, Hall Pass. Bobby was raving to the Boston Herald that Sean Penn was still interested in playing Larry and Benicio Del Toro was still down to play the lead Stooge, Moe. And despite media reports of Jim Carrey’s involvement, Curly was still open.

Fast forward to today and things are looking a wee bit different. According to Variety, the Farrellys apparently plan to go younger with their Stooges and the role of Moe is now being linked to Jackass star Johnny Knoxville. So much for the desires of Hollywood’s A-list, eh fellas? Nyuck nyuck nyuck.

*slaps Starbucks barista across the face, pokes hipster on Mac Book in the eyes*

The Farrelly brothers have been looking to cast the part of Moe in order to zero in on Larry Fine and Curly Howard. While Fox had no comment, sources close to the project saythe Farrellys are waiting for Knoxville to officially accept, as negotiations have not formally begun.

The plan is to divide the PG-rated film into three, 27-minute segments driven by physical comedy, which Knoxville is known for.

I guess he is known for that, sure. But the Three Stooges weren’t really known for attaching lobsters to their genitalia or launching each other into the air in a Port-o-Potty slingshot. Then again, there might be 5 people in Hollywood who have actually watched an episode of the Three Stooges and they’re probably too old to even matter anymore. Their grandkids are calling the shots now, so look forward to Knoxville and his co-stars, Kenan Thompson and Dane Cook, in 2012.

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