Frotcast Bonus: Matt And Vince Talk ‘Jojo Rabbit,’ About A Little Boy’s Imaginary Hitler

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Jojo has an imaginary friend, and get this: it’s ADOLF HITLER. That’s right, on this week’s bonus Frotcast, Matt and I are discussing Jojo Rabbit, from one of our most likable filmmakers, Taika Waititi. Jojo Rabbit is basically Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, only with Nazis instead of boy scouts. Oh, and also the Drop Dead Hitler thing. We discuss whether Scarlett Johansson’s character is brilliant or obnoxious, whether we enjoy watching stories about little kids in love, and what a Nazi comedy should look like, in an ideal world. We pitch our ideal version of this movie, where it’s just about Sam Rockwell’s character getting wild in the dying days of the Third Reich, Leftovers style. Please enjoy and subscribe! Let the Frotcast be your imaginary Hitler.

I think for both of us this was the opposite of that feeling you get when someone’s making you laugh at a funeral and you know you shouldn’t laugh and it makes everything ten times funnier. This was more the kind of thing where you desperately want to laugh at a movie and there just aren’t enough jokes in it.

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