Jonah Hill cusses at Mexicans

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11.16.11 20 Comments

I don’t know if the world is ready to recognize how awesome Your Highness was yet, but in the meantime, director David Gordon Green has a new movie out called The Sitter, which just released a red-band trailer. I’m a bit torn. See, I love watching Jonah Hill cuss out little kids. Hell, I could watch little kids getting cussed out all day, Jonah Hill or not. But the entire second half of the trailer seems to be Jonah Hill and the kids trying to fit in at an urban pool hall, and watching a chubby Jewish guy try to prove how down he is with the brother man just feels a little too “hangin’ with Brett Ratner” for my tastes.

I hope the action scenes aren’t too actiony in this one. I don’t like how David Gordon Green tries to make me buy an earnest car chase scene thirty seconds after I watched James Franco jerk off a fish wizard. It’s hard to argue with Sam Rockwell and Method Man though. That’s just good casting right there.

I eagerly await the sequel, “Flagpole Sitter,” a documentary about the real-life search for Harvey Danger, who’s been lost at sea since a rafting accident in ’98.


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