Joseph Gordon-Levitt Won’t Talk About Robin

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09.20.11 11 Comments

Joseph Gordon-Levitt sat down with MTV to promote his new film 50/50 and of course the conversation turned to The Dark Knight Rises. He could sit down to announce that the cure for AIDS is Jaden Smith’s bone marrow and the next question would still be: “Are you playing Robin?”

And the answer will still be:

“You know I can’t have this conversation, man.”

Adding: “I’m serious, bro. Chris Nolan is a crazy mother*cker, man. You know that old Rutger Hauer movie Deadlock? Nolan put one of those bomb things on me, except it’s wrapped around my balls, man. You gotta help me, bro!”

But seriously, since that’s neither a yes or a no, the speculation train will keep making the rounds and people will keep believing that Christopher Nolan or any actors working on the third and final installment of his Batman trilogy would even so much as fart out a secret at this point. Or maybe they’re just sending us cryptic messages that can only be deciphered by watching hardcore pornography for the next 48 hours. In which case, I already have 12 hours of practice.

(Via Geek Tyrant)

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