Judd Apatow’s This is 40, now with MEGAN FOX IN BRA AND PANTIES!

Universal just released the full-length trailer for Judd Apatow’s This is 40 (opening December 21st), and obviously, since this is a website dedicated to the serious discussion of cinema-films and their place in the annals of celluloid museums art, I tried to pick a screencap that was central to the plot, which just so happens to deal with MEGAN FOX BRA AND PANTIES TAKING HER CLOTHES OFF UPSKIRT LESBIAN KITTENS GOOGLE! and has nothing whatsoever to do with cheap, callow traffic whoring. So as long as we’re clear on that, you can go ahead and click through to see the trailer below, which, just to reiterate, involves Megan Fox taking her clothes off, ie, Megan Fox in her bra and panties getting almost naked, with pictures included of Megan Fox in her underpants probably about to do lesbian stuff.

TRIVIA: That weird dude in the biking outfit at the beginning is Robert Smigel, best known as the creator and voice of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Anyway, The people who hate Judd Apatow always jump on the fact that he self-indulgently puts so much of himself in his movies (a movie about the things that he struggles with, starring his real wife and children, etc.) to the point where it almost feels like a diary, but that’s precisely what I like about him. He’s much more interesting when he’s going specific (this is how my marriage is!) instead of trying to generalize (women be shoppin!). (Though I do wish he’d trim most of his movies by about 20 minutes). The way to the universal is through the specific, it sucks when you try to go the other way around.

Of course, Universal (ironic name alert) shoots the whole thing in the foot by putting a graphic that says “THIS IS EVERYONE’S STORY” in there at the end in a way that manages to be both on the nose and inaccurate. Jesus, Universal, presumptuous much? I’m pretty sure not “everyone’s story” involves taking your hot actress wife and beautiful blonde kids to pool parties at fancy hotels. Some people are struggling. Some people are trying to make end’s meet. Some people have to put all their belongings in knapsacks and eat tins of beans with pocket knives, without even a lid for their tophat to keep out the rain. (Sorry, I don’t actually know any poor people, so my image of them is heavily influenced by Dust Bowl literature). Point is, you should know better. Jeez, I talk too much, huh? Sorry, here are some more Megan Fox screencaps (PLUS, a gif on the following page). But first, something for the ladies:

I know that’s mostly just a really good bra and her boobs are much smaller and farther apart in real life, but I can still enjoy the illusion.

Don’t read too much into what I mean by “enjoy,” by the way.