Jude Law Has Bailed On ‘Jane Got A Gun’ Now

Hey, remember earlier today when Vince was all, “Gavin O’Connor is replacing Lynne Ramsay as director on Jane Got a Gun because she completely no-showed on the first day of filming and everyone was like, WTF lady”? But then the movie people were like, “Chill out everyone, we’re going to be fine because we already lost Michael Fassbender before and we replaced him with Joel Edgerton, but we still have Jude Law and Natalie Portman, so this movie is going to be just fine”.

Well… about that.

While the troubled independent feature Jane Got A Gun got a new director this morning in Gavin O’Connor, fallout continues from Monday’s abrupt exit of helmer Lynne Ramsay. I’m told that Jude Law has formally withdrawn from the film. It is because he signed on to work with Ramsay, best known for the edgy drama We Need To Talk About Kevin. The producers of Jane Got A Gun have tried to hold its cast together when Ramsay stepped out, and this is the second significant star to drop out in the past few weeks. (Via Deadline)

What is still the strangest thing about this maligned film production is that Ramsay hasn’t broken her silence about why she just said, “F*ck it” and decided to bail. Fassbender’s excuse was that the production interferes with X-Men: Days of Future Past, which is clearly more important (even though they’ve cast Booboo Stewart, which is just bullsh*t). And Law’s excuse is that he thought he’d be working with another director, which is kind of a cheap shot at O’Connor, but a guy should be able to choose his boss, right?

So what’s Ramsay’s excuse? There are whispers that maybe she was forced out by the producers, but who knows? Well, I don’t have word from the disappearing director herself, but I do, in a super FilmDrunk exclusive, have the next best thing…