Kanye West Is Steve Jobs Now

Apparently when B.I.G. died, Jay-Z was at the funeral all like, “Cool, now it’s my turn,” because that’s how hip-hop works. Later, another hip-hop giant died. His name was Steve Jobs, and his passing allowed Kanye West to become Kanye West, who is like the “Steve of Internet.” It’s all clearly explained in this New York Times interview with West. Yeezy’s been getting a lot of flack for the piece, mostly from sites looking for a list of the craziest thing X Entertainer had to say (see below), but if the Kanyes and Taylor Swifts and all the teenagers who unabashedly absorb Pop brands aren’t the best people to talk about pop culture, who are (RIP Adorno)? Having spent years listening to academics drone on about the network aesthetics in Homeland or host an actual conference on Jersey Shore, I’d rather listen to the batsh*t celebrities.

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